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Action Learning

It is no secret that adults learn best by being actively involved in the learning process. For this reason, we offer a variety of high-impact and challenging team adventure programs that are designed to accelerate the learning and development of your team.
Challenge Courses:
A professional and business-savvy facilitator will present your team with a series of innovative team challenges that require effective teamwork, trust, communication and leadership. Following each challenge, your team will be guided through discussion and individual reflection designed to help individuals uncover wisdom about themselves and their team. Our challenge courses are extremely versatile and can be adapted for almost any indoor or outdoor location and for groups with a diverse range of physical abilities.

Nautical Adventures in Leadership:
We offer our clients "A Nautical Adventure in Leadership." This full-immersion team sailing challenge mirrors current workplace reality with high uncertainty, an enormous learning curve, performance under pressure, and constantly changing requirements. By becoming the crew on a sailing vessel, your team will enhance its ability to adapt, trust, collaborate, and sustain its adventuresome spirit. Your customized nautical adventure is sure to be the highest-impact experience your team will ever have.

Your sailing adventure can set sail from a variety of locations on the Chesapeake Bay, or in other areas where sailboat charters are available. A variety of different vessels are available to accommodate the size and needs of your group.

Golf Links to Leadership:
We've modified this executive pastime to create a challenging team activity. Our version requires highly effective team skills and places all players on equal ground. Pros and novices can play together…and both will learn a thing or two about how to play the game of golf! A professional facilitator will lead the golf activity and help participants uncover valuable insights about their team. This versatile activity can be done at any golf club.

Hi-Tech Team Navigation:
This outdoor experiential adventure combines traditional orienteering with the latest technology. Your team will be challenged to find and photograph certain specific locations using handheld GPS receivers, a compass, and an instant camera. This activity demands rapid learning of new technology, performance under pressure, strictly timed deadlines, and attention to speed and accuracy -- Sound familiar? Your team will assess their individual and team performance under these circumstances and will discover ways to improve their performance when dealing with these same pressures back at the workplace.

This activity can be done in any outdoor location in the world and can be further customized with literally thousands of possible variations.

Rowing for Results:
Your team will discover why rowing has often been called the "ultimate team sport." Through a partnership with the US Naval Academy's Rowing coach, we have designed an on-the-water rowing program that allows your team to experience some of the most critical team components -- synchronizing, leading, following, coaching, and communicating.

This high-impact program can take place in several different calm water locations in the Baltimore/Washington Metro area, and in other areas where arrangements can be made to rent or borrow equipment from local rowing establishments.

High-Performance Cuisine Team:
Preparing a meal is something that requires tight deadlines, attention to detail, quality control, communication, and leadership -- not to mention demanding customers! Your team will identify what it takes to create a 'high-performance cuisine team', by preparing and serving up their own meal. Throughout the process, your team will be challenged to identify what behaviors are essential to achieving the desired outcome. The group will no doubt know whether they've succeeded or not…and will have to eat their losses!

This program can be conducted anywhere where there is access to a professional kitchen.

Custom Solutions:
Haven't found what you're looking for? We can custom design an action-learning program for your team. Your custom program could incorporate a community project, skiing, climbing, rafting, or just about any adventure you can think of! We are happy to partner with other touring companies, facilitators, and/or coaches to create a developmental program that meets your needs.