Orchestrating Results
Leaders and Teams


A symphony's magnificence is not the result of a single performer's effort. Rather, its success depends on blending the talents of all its members into a beautiful sound.

Similarly, in today's business environment, teams and cross-functional groups accomplish much of the work. How effectively your team works together, and with other teams, has a tremendous impact on the overall success of your business. Our unique and customized team development programs enable teams to assess and take ownership for their current level of effectiveness and identify the specific behaviors that need to change in order to achieve optimal performance. We help you improve both business processes and team processes in order to maximize your team's performance, and ultimately the success of your business.

Some of our team development services include:

  • Team performance assessments
  • Customized team development programs targeted to your team's specific needs
  • Action Learning using a variety of experiential venues
  • Team meeting facilitation
  • Team and business process review and improvement
  • Team coaching
Imagine your team having:

  • Greater commitment and alignment toward the team's common goal and purpose
  • Individual and team role-clarity
  • A collaborative team spirit
  • Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills
  • Respect for the personality differences and perspectives of others
  • Improved facilitative leadership skills
  • A balance between planning and action, process and results
  • An understanding of how each person's individual behavior affects the team
  • Increased ability to coach and be coached by team members
"The retreat gave me an abundance of opportunities to learn how to be an effective communicator-the sharing and caring approach as a team, how to cope with the challenges, reliability and trust among the team members, taking collective responsibility, acknowledging and recognizing good work etc. I will continue to use the strong points learned…"

-V.Srinivasan (Cheenu) Program Officer, Institute of International Education